Theme Day: People / Society

The social and technological developments of recent decades have brought major changes. But not all are positive. Social inequality, exploitation, oppression and violence are certainly not a thing of the past. And there are many new challenges as well: Social relationships are restructured. Identity attributions and gender roles which we thought to be long gone have sprung back to life and have changed and intensified forms of exclusion as well as the ongoing struggle for self-assertion. Resistance is met with increased surveillance.The changes in the working world have lead many into intensified (self-)exploitation and precarity rather than to self-determination and social security. Flexibility and the readiness to assume risk are considered the new virtues. Every person has to be her/his own entrepreneur. Even though, thanks to new modes of production, new technologies and new forms of political participation, everybody should now be able to satisfy her/his needs, to participate in society and to develop her/his potential.As part of the theme day “People / Society" the perspectives for the 21st Century will be highlighted, based on three major topics. After the analysis of the actual situation, Elevate will embark on a search for promising approaches and ways to implement them.

* Theme day curated by Ulli Mayer, Brigitte Kratzwald, Gerti Zuckerstätter and Josef Obermoser

Saturday, 22.Oct

Forum Stadtpark


10:00-13:00 workshop none none none none Queer Pop Politics?

14:00-15:30 discussion none none none none Unbestimmtheit als Charme und Chance?

16:00-18:00 discussion none none none none Von der Ich-AG zur Peer Production?

18:30-20:30 discussion none none none none Alles unter Kontrolle?

21:00-23:00 film Q+A none none none Article 12 (UK/2011)