The Philosophy of the Elevate Festival

General Intention

Elevate's professed aim is to combine critical political discourse with art and music within a special framework: the Schlossberg as the festival's central location and established venues like Forum Stadtpark and the Stadtmuseum Graz.

Political Discourse

With an extensive programme of discussions, workshops, lectures, and film screenings, the Elevate Festival wishes to foster a better understanding of the most important issues of our time. This includes is a conscuious focus on groundbreaking alternatives, innovative projects, and various intiatives in the realm of civil society, social movements and dedicated activism.

Arts and Music

Presenting an eclectic array of styles, the performing artists at Elevate have one thing in common: the courage to break away from conventions and satisfy their personal need to find their own voice, far removed from the mainstream. That being said, Elevate offers a musical journey away from well-known Best-Of-Sets, challenging both artists and audiences alike.

Artistic horizons can be explored, shared and expanded not only at live-shows but also at workshops on music production at the Elevate Lab.