AV - MaxMSP Workshop & Artist Talk - 21.10.2011

Forum Stadtpark Keller -

14:00 - 16:00

Robin Fox (Editions Mego/au)

From neurobiology to cochlear implants, from analog synthesizers to audio controlled lasers, Robin Fox’s work knows no boundaries and no borders. He works across the spectrum from live interactive computer music performance to the creation of synaesthetic audio-visual environments. He makes soundtracks and video/light works for numerous dance company’s, has exhibited large-scale photographic works, recently conducted a residency with the Bionic Ear Institute in Melbourne and is currently working on a giant Theremin style public interactive instrument installation. Underpinning all of this work is the Max/MSP programming environment. This workshop gives an insight into this eclectic artists process and is suitable for all interested in Max/MSP at a beginner to intermediate level. The workshop requires that participants have computers running Max 5 (30 day demo’s downloadable at