Sunday, 23 Oct - 23.10.2011

Dom Im Berg - performance - Hörstück 6.11 - „nein, wir reflektieren nicht“

22:30 - 23:30

Laokoongruppelive (Konkord/at)

visuals: Adnan Popovic (at)

On Sunday, there will be a final contribution from the literary programme. Following the main podium discussion, there will be a last concert in the Dom Im Berg by the highly literary one man band, Laokoongruppe. While the top-class panel holding international future researchers, climate-, democracy- and civil right activists will try to answer questions concerning the visions for the 21st century and how they should be approached, the Viennese musician and teacher Karl Schwamberger will off-set the whole thing with dry-as-a-bone realism: "No, we do not reflect." is the title of his show. The idea of ​​stagnating in the fast pace of today's societies, scares Schwamberger to some degree; his ironic songs combine Techno with brass arrangements, written music with improv and wit with pain - that humor can not only be found between the lines, but also between the notes. The struggle for freedom and integrity, the search for forms of resistance that protect the individual against what seems to be a pluralistic, increasingly collectivist society is a central motif in his ambiguous, highly poetic lyrics - a timeless theme that continues to spin through our culture, as long as human beings exist. 

On an ancient sculpture Laocoon is killed by the snakes of Poseidon and Athena. Whether we will experience the same a thousand years later, or hope prevails, remains to be seen. Exciting concerts, audio books and discussions within the literature, discourse and music program of the Elevate be expected come what may.

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