Thursday, 20 Oct - 20.10.2011

Dom Im Berg - lesung / performance - Hörstück 1.11 - „stellung nehmen.“

22:00 - 23:00

Marlene Streeruwitz (at)

B. Fleischmann (Morr Music/at)Christof Kurzmann (Charhizma/at)

The Elevate Festival kicks off with a performance by Marlene Streeruwitz, who is quite rightly regarded as one of the most prominent and politically engaged writers in the German-speaking area. She will present, together with the musicians B. Fleischmann and Christof Kurzmann a collage of poetic and discursive text elements set to equally clear as well as complex rhythms, noise and melodic structures. Streeruwitz's novels, plays and theoretical texts are a central component of shape-conscious and highly political literature. The Viennese DJ and music producer Bernhard Fleischmann is regarded as one of the most diverse spokesmen for the electronic music scene: albums such as "The Humbucking Coil" and "Angst Is Not A Weltanschauung" have long been the flagship of the renowned Berlin label Morr Music. Recently, Fleischmann has distinguished himself with film and theater music work. The third member, the saxophonist, clarinetist and electronic wizard Christof Kurzmann, is an internationally popular figure in the experimental jazz scene. From his numerous projects, reference is made here only to working with musicians like Christian Fennesz and Peter Brotzmann in the Orchestra 33 1/3 led by Kurzmann, as well as the collaborations with the turntable virtuoso Philip Jack.

The start of hoergeREDE 11 is embedded in the opening event of the Elevate Festival, held this year in addition to small discussion groups, live broadcasts and short speeches - including speakers for civil society initiatives such as "Cultures of Resistance", "Democracy Now!" - Even an opening statement by the so-called "father of peace research," the 81-year-old winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize Johan Galtung of Norway, will take place. Political dynamite guaranteed.