Saturday, 22 Oct - 22.10.2011

Kleiner Minoritensaal - lesung / performance - Hörstück 4.11 - „wir bauen den schacht zu babel, weiter“

20:00 - 21:00

Ferdinand Schmatz (Autor,Dozent/at)

Franz Hautzinger (GROB/at)

On Saturday, the third day of the festival, two more top-notch audio pieces are on the bill. The first one being Ferdinand Schmatz, often referred to as the linguistic heir of the “Wiener Gruppe”. Schmatz, an accomplished poet and lecturer from the Vienna School of Applied Language Arts, will collaborate with Franz Hautzinger – an internationally renowned local jazz trumpet player, whose bare-knuckle exploration of his own instrument has produced a broad repertoire of Jazz, New Classical Music and Electronic Music. Strongly inspired by the soundscapes experienced during his extensive travels, both he and Schmatz will incorporate the paradigms of nature and civilization, gardens and cities, flowing lyricism and the echo of contradiction, off-setting the reality on stage. Schmatz’s poems are perfectly suited for such an experiment. "Sensitive but not sentimental, witty but not funny, accurate but not brittle, puzzling but not vague, subjective but not diffuse, form-conscious but not formalistic" (Schmidt-Dengler)

Saturday, 22 Oct - 22.10.2011

Kleiner Minoritensaal - lesung / performance - Hörstück 5.11 - „dazwischen wird immer miete fällig“

21:00 - 22:00

Daniela Seel (Verlegerin,Autorin/de)

Janine Rostron (DFA/de)

How to stimulate the delicate contradictions of our perceived reality towards vigorously represented objections, without negating the ambiguities of life, will be demonstrated by the young lyricist from Berlin Daniela Seel together with the newest star of discursive pop Janine Rostron aka Planingtorock who has been turning heads with her hybrid metamorphosis. Baroque-sounding synthesizers, hollow, distorted voices and monotonous beats from drum machines, plus the influence of classical instrumental education and the subtle game of dress-ip, in this case a striking, hand-modelled hump nose and protruding forehead, blur the boundaries between human life and artistic exaggeration, between tradition and the current and also those between the sexes. 

That suits Daniela Seel very well. "Between mothballs and / utopian practice a round  of Gorilla masks for everyone," as it says in a yet unpublished poem of her upcoming new book of poetry. Seel publishes her books by herself, through her own publishing company kookbooks which she has be running successfully since 2003 without shopping her material around the major publishing cooperations earning her the nickname "The Ché Guevara of the German publishing business". She publishes material by Uljana Wolf and Ron Winkler, among others. She dresses her ethic in her own words: "It is. Don't say: this and that. Just a perhaps. One could not. Could it not be otherwise. Saying as being. Be as if it were possible. As it would be possible again."




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