Sticking with the tradition of past years, Elevate will once more be collaborating with handpicked European promoters, institutions and festivals prior to this year’s edition.

The forerun will be kicked off as soon as next week at the
Dimensions Festival in Pula. On 05 September, the Elevate Stage in Fort Punta Christo will see Ogris Debris from Vienna and Simon/off and doze from Graz sharing the stage with Midland (UK), Dark Sky (UK), Wbeeza (UK) and Soulphiction (GER).

After last year’s first chapter of Elevate cooperating with the
Transart Festival in Bozen, Italy, this fruitful relationship is going into its sophomore instalment on 14 September. This time around, the programme will be combining artistic content with a hands-on exchange concerning the topic of openness which perfectly accommodates the discourse portion of Elevate’s programme. The theme “Open Up Your Zwölfmalgreien” will include mapping workshops, furthering public interaction. Musical guests include John Talabot (ES) and Jon Hopkins (UK), as well as Elektro Guzzi (AT), Reddey (IT) and the VJ Jupiter Live (AT).

As per usual, Elevate will shorten the wait for the festival with yet another event. The
Elevate The Park! block party will take place on 05 October, seizing the opportunity to throw its hat in the ring for a discussion regarding the fiercely disputed public space. The party, which spans the three venues Forum Stadtpark, Parkhouse and Kombüse, will feature live shows, DJ-lines and installations showcasing local artists, the presentation of the Elevate playbill and – for the first time ever – the Elevate Raffle.
More info coming soon!

The last stop of the pre-Elevate tour brings us to Vienna. In cooperation with
Dancetaria, this will be the first time for Elevate at the Grelle Forelle. England’s own Paul Woolford will be joining in just two weeks before playing at the actual festival as his alter-ego Special Request. Graz will be represented by Florian Puschmann and Dizzy Womack and Danceteria will cap it all off with Mr. Ho, Jay Smoo & Majestic Mood.


Do. 05.09.2013

Elevate @ Dimensions Festival - Pula (HR)

Sa. 14.09.2013

Elevate plays Transart II - Bozen (IT)

Sa. 05.10.2013

Elevate The Park! - Graz (AT)

Sa. 12.10.2013

Elevate & Danceteria @ Grelle Forelle - Wien (AT)