A different kind of Graz „Graz---Rathaus2“-von-Taxiarchos228---Eigenes-Werk.-Lizenziert-unter-Creative-Commons-Attribution-3.0-sOber-Wikimedia-Commons
A progressive city walk
A different kind of Graz
Graz mal anders „Graz---Rathaus2“-von-Taxiarchos228---Eigenes-Werk.-Lizenziert-unter-Creative-Commons-Attribution-3.0-sOber-Wikimedia-Commons

Graz is adorned with beautiful titles like "City of Design" or "Cultural Capital". But it is also a city that boasts many initiatives which resist all pomp and ostentation. The anti-consumerism city tour invites you to take a look at Graz from a different point of view. We will familiarize you with various initiatives and projects which help to transform Graz from the bottom up and work towards environmental sustainability, social justice and openness.

Organized by the working group "Nachhaltige Uni Graz" (Sustainable Uni Graz) of the ÖH University of Graz.

Meeting place: outside Forum Stadtpark


Sunday, 26 Oct

17:00 - 19:00

Forum Stadtpark

Language of the event: en-de