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Claudius Schulze Vernissage

Monday, 02 Mar 2020

18:00 - 19:00 The Smallest Gallery

We are witnessing two of the potentially greatest upheavals in human history: the rise of Artificial Intelligence and the destruction of the natural earth system.

As part of an intensive research process Claudius Schulze uses the medium of photography and other imaging methods to work on the representation of these two abstract and complex phenomena, in an attempt to make them more tangible. What may seem to be two distinct developments—of nature and IT—are in fact the consequences of the actions of the one species that has come to dominate the planet: homo sapiens.

The photograph shows a scene from the Chaos Communication Congress, a meeting of the international hacker scene that takes place in Germany over several days. Every year about 17'000 people attend lectures and workshops on technical and socio-political issues related to security, cryptography, privacy, and freedom of speech.

MS4760QP0255.19 Hacker Convention 36C3 is part of the work series QUANTIFIED REALITY

Claudius Schulze lives and works in Berlin.

Since May 2019 the smallest gallery is again a venue for photography. This year within call for photography artists of different fields were invited to react to a given picture. Therefore, each of the works presented in 2020 is a photographical response to the initial photo. In the course of the year, the works will create a series of different perspectives on one topic. The current exhibition is a cooperation with Elevate Festival 2020.

the smallest gallery - Place for Photography

Grieskai 2
8020 Graz
Open 0-24

MS4760QP0255.19 Hacker Convention 36C3 Leipzig, Germany - Digitale Fotografie auf Alu Dibond

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