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Jascha Rohr (de)

Thursday, 05 Mar 2020

Jascha Rohr is a visionary process artist, practical intellectual and thinking activist. He is driven by the question of why we as humans are the only species capable of destroying our own basis of life. Jascha is looking for ways to turn this potential into something positive by learning to become creative together: co-creative. As cocreatives we can succeed in shaping the great transformation that lies ahead if we want to live in peace, freedom and ecological health and abundance with 10-12 billion people on this earth. To this end he develops approaches such as the Cocreative Community, Governance Design and the Field Process Theory.

Jascha is a trained musical instrument maker and philosopher. He is co-founder and managing director of the Institute for Participatory Design, founder of the Permaculture Academy and the Cocreation Foundation. He is a guest researcher at Zeppelin University.

Jascha lives with his partner and wife, his son and a demented cat in an eco-settlement in the countryside near Oldenburg. Two co-daughters have already left the house.

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