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Fair Trade Music

Streaming services, commercials, films, games … music is needed everywhere. Unfortunately, it is not always ensured that all people involved in the music piece are fairyl remunerated. With the Blockchain technology – a decentralised self-managing booking system, which for example forms the basis for the digital Bitcoin payment process – this could change, according to the vision of creators and thinkers such as Benji Rogers who founded DotBlockchainMusic. But not only does he envision a “Fair Trade Music Database”: each time a piece is used somewhere, the amount determined in a “Smart Contract” is automatically paid out to the single copyright holder – cumbersome licencing procedures would be made redundant. Whether and how this can be implemented in reality will be part of this discussion. We will also scratch the topic of meta data and also contribute views on alternative business models under the sign of a collaborative economy. Last not least we will discuss the interests and rights of artists, the creators and content holders.

This panel was curated together with our partner festival c/o pop  from Cologne.

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