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Peter Harris (us)

As a web developer since the 1990's Peter Harris has built hundreds of sites across dozens of industries. From 1999 to 2004 he worked as Art Director for McCartney Multimedia in Los Angeles, collaborating with numerous musicians from platinum-selling superstars to mid-level bands and struggling artists. As the Napster crisis unfolded in the early 2000's, the hot topic on everyone's lips was how the Internet would eventually liberate artists.

Simultaneous to his day job as web developer, Peter also experimented as a DJ and electronica producer, using virtually every web and music publishing platform available. Finding them all lacking, this combination of background and insight is what led to the fundamental features to be offered via Resonate, a new streaming service being developed in Berlin and by volunteers around the world.

Resonate is a new streaming service that is owned by the people that use it - fans, musicians, labels and the folks that build it. Featuring a totally unique listening model called "stream to own" which effortlessly bridges the gap between casual listening and total fan dedication.

Volunteer developers, designers and music industry experts from around the world are collaborating to make this unique vision a reality. Add in the blockchain (a decentralized, hack proof technology) and Resonate stands to offer the music world a truly unique experience. Join us.

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