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Journalism & Media: Trust in Truth?

Panel discussion about investigative journlism, media, distribution and media politics.

Even though we have been experiencing years of dying newspapers, fake news and filter bubbles - the way out of the crisis of journalism is constantly being blocked. And the crisis is not new. About 10 years ago, the Elevate Festival - the theme back then: Elevate the Crisis! - set up a debate about the media crisis. Anneliese Rohrer was there at the time, and we can look forward to her analysis of what has happened in the last 10 years.

According to a recent report on "truth, trust and technology" by the London School of Economics, journalistic quality work is under pressure from five "giant evils": Uncertainty about who can be trusted, cynicism about whether media can be trusted at all, fragmentation leading to parallel "truth publics", irresponsibility of media companies for whom power is more important than responsible action, and as a destructive consequence of all this - an apathetic population.

How far do the hopes and means for more quality journalism reach? Apart from the much-vaunted "media literacy", what other possibilities are there on the way to a resilient media landscape? What political measures are needed?

UPDATE 28.02.: Ulla Kramar-Schmid is ill and cannot attend. Klaus Unterberger (ORF) replaces her.

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