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How to Change Your World

Transformative, healing and creative potentials of non-ordinary states of Consciousness

In human beings all over the globe, there is an inner calling for expansion and wholeness. Therefore, people of all kind of traditions developed methods of self-exploration, transformation and healing by expanding their consciousness.

In this talk, you will learn more about Holotropic Breathwork™, a simple and powerful method that uses breath to open to non-ordinary states of consciousness to enable us connecting with ourselves, others and the mystery of life. It was developed by a psychiatrist and co-founder of transpersonal psychology who dedicated his life to research of non-ordinary states of consciousness Dr. Stanislav Grof and his wife Christina. ​

You will get a glimpse into how Holotropic Breathwork™ can lead to greater self-understanding and feeling of connection,  reduce anxiety, stress and symptoms of depression and how it can support you in experiencing liberation of emotional and creative expression and connecting to a deeper feeling of meaning and purpose in your life.​


Image Credit: Pranayama / 22K reflective microetching, 2016 / Greg Dunn and Brian Edwards


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