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Haus Bartleby (de)

Haus Bartleby are: Alix Faßmann, Anselm Lenz, Jörg Petzold

Alix Faßmann
: Daughter of a working family, writer and activist. When working with the German People’s Party (Deutsche Volkspartei) she had the idea of career refusal. She couldn’t bear to earn a fat salary for doing a whole lot of nonsense. She resigned, went away and, when she returned to Berlin completely broke, she founded the House Bartleby together with Anselm Lenz. Even though now no one pays her for it, she says: “This is the best-paying job I ever did.” In 2014 she published her book Arbeit ist nicht unser Leben – Anleitung zur Karriereverweigerung (Work is not our Life – Instructions for Career Refusal).

“I strike when the ads client becomes the chief editor.”

Anselm Lenz: was a marine soldier (Fähnrich zur See), studied cultural sciences, the history of art and, for some time, law theory. Next to that he had a part-time job as a worker in the metal processing industry. Anslem’s mother’s family is agnostic-Jewish. Since 2006 he has been dramatic adviser to, among others, the German Theatre (Deutsches Schauspielhaus) in Hamburg, where he unsealed the cultural palace with the series Explosion. Currently the co-founder of the House Bartleby he lives outside the center and organizes the capitalism tribunal. In 2013 he published The End of Austerity together with Alvaro Piña Otey.

„I strike fighting!“

Jörg Petzold: diploma in acting and jodeling, College of Music, Theatre and Life Arts Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Leipzig. Today he is an expert of literature at FluxFM in Berlin, co-founder of the House Bartleby and a father.

„I don’t strike often enough.“

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