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The End of the neoliberal Era

The House Bartleby researches and fights for a new notion of work. The Berlin-based lobby group is called „Zentrum für Karriereverweigerung“ (Center for career refusal) and unites workers, writers, philosophers, economists, and journalists with the goal of walking the road together.

In this entertaining talk for the Elevate Festival in Graz, they encourage us to get rid of our devotion to an employment biography and a „gap-less CV“ that we have been trained to believe in. Then we can look for the Cartesian moment when it becomes possible to overcome the supposed non-existence of alternatives as individuals and as society and make a long-needed change of paradigm toward the democratization of the economy, ecology, and regimes of power and property.

Since the end of August, the House Bartleby  has published the critical anthology „Sag alles ab! - Plädoyers für den lebenslangen Generalstreik“ (Cancel Everything! - A Plea for a Life-Long General Strike) in the Edition Nautilus. Together with the Club of Rome [] and many large and small partners from civil society, they are currently forming a capitalism tribunal [].

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