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Max Schrems (at)

Max Schrems is an Austrian lawyer, author and privacy activist. He has published a copy of his personal data revived from Facebook and documents relating to legal procedures on Six years ago Max Schrems accused the US social network of breaking European privacy law because, when it transfers its European users’ data to servers in the US, it cannot guarantee that the information isn’t accessed by US intelligence.

In a landmark judgment two years ago, the European Court of Justice struck down a crucial data transfer deal that allowed the likes of Facebook and Amazon to transfer personal data easily from the EU to the US, following a complaint from Max Schrems.

In January 2018 he founded - a European organization to enforce data protection laws - and secured a financing of 300.000 Euro through a crowdfunding campaign.

noyb will use best practices from consumer rights groups, privacy activists, hackers, and legal tech initiatives and merge them into a stable European enforcement platform. Together with the many new enforcement possibilities under the new EU data protection regulation (GDPR), noyb will be able to bring privacy cases in a much more effective way than before. In addition, noyb will follow the idea of targeted and strategic litigation to maximize the impact on the future of your right to privacy. When appropriate, noyb will use PR and media initiatives to ensure your right to privacy without even going to court. Finally, noyb is designed to join forces with existing organizations, resources and structures to maximize impact, while avoiding parallel structures.

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