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Alyona Alyona (ua)

Friday, 15 Jul 2022

23:30 - 00:30Postgarage
09:30 - 10:00Hauptplatz
14:00 - 00:00Schlossberg

Thursday, 14 Jul 2022

The kindergarten teacher from a small town near Kiev became a national sensation practically overnight in 2018 after her debut video "Ribki" went viral on the domestic music scene. In 2019, she solidified her status with her debut album "Pushka," which was soon followed by the EP "V khati MA." Today, she is considered one of the most important Ukrainian hip-hop icons. Critics compared her to Azelia Banks, but her artistic vision goes further than that. On her latest album "Galas" (2021), she raps about women who don't succumb to any beauty stereotype, about young people lamenting the situation in their homeland, about brain drain, ecology, hunger, hatred and other relevant issues, often in a humorous way. The self-confidence she exudes in her native language, with a dynamic and fast flow of speech, has earned her the title of role model among young Ukrainians. Her unconventional music videos, in which she proudly dances as a Slavic street queen in front of the housing estates of her hometown or finds herself in the role of a fairy-tale matriarch in a dystopian world, have played an important role in this success. Alyona Alyona is a unique artist and unstoppable force of nature with both feet firmly on the ground.