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Theresa Imre (at)

Theresa Imre is the founder and CEO of, Austria's first digital farmers' market.
She graduated in Business & Socio-Ecological Economics, is a passionate cook, persevering pioneer and convinced optimist. She grew up in Stainz, in Western Styria and for the past ten years, has been based in vienna.

With the food blog "Eingebrockt und Ausgelöffelt" Theresa Imre won the AMA Foodblog Award in 2015 and 2017. The blog was all about seasonal recipes from grandma, regional foods, and the producers behind them. Through many requests for cooperation from family businesses, the precarious situation facing small agricultural enterprises became increasingly apparent. It became obvious that new marketing, distribution and logistic structures for (small) producers are needed in order to act together and competitively in comparison to the industrial mass products of supermarkets. 

Since then Theresa Imre has been constantly expanding her network in the agricultural and food sector as well as in the academic-political field of climate research. The result is the comprehensive concept of markta, which not only offers local producers a marketing and sales platform, but also builds new supply models for the city of the future and brings back a direct connection to their food for consumers.