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Gersin Livia Paya (at)

Thursday, 29 Feb 2024

Gersin Livia Paya, of Austrian-Iranian descent, is a journalist, multimedia artist, presenter, director, and producer. She lived in Berlin and was a integral part of companies such as MTV, VIVA Germany, and served as a presenter for VICE on multiple occasions. Later, she worked in Amsterdam for Comedy Central and also lived in Reykjavik for a skate film production before joining the radio station FM4.

At FM4, she is involved in the socio-political live discussion show "FM4 Auf Laut" and hosts special hours featuring Iranian content. In addition to her work as a radio journalist and event presenter, she is also known as a Creative Director and music video director and producer in the GSA (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) music industry, collaborating with artists such as My Ugly Clementine, 5KHD, Kerosin95, Mira Lu Kovacs, and Joyce Muniz.