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Arya Zappa (de)

Based in Berlin and born in Iran, Maral Salmassi aka Arya Zappa is a multidisciplinary artist with a unique voice.

Having spent a lot of her music career as an engineer, DJ, and running Konsequent Records, Maral Salmassi finally came to terms with her voice and adopted the striking persona Arya Zappa to release her music.

Beyond that, she pours an immense amount of her energy into accompanying visual works. These music videos, primarily inspired by her dreams, string together scenes from her vast imagination.

Growing up through war and destruction, the act of creation was her first language. Playtime was seen as a chance to build up and then break down; her toys, her environment, and finally herself. From the age of 7, she had already sculpted two separate lives, the world around her and the world of ideas.

Arya Zappa, until now, has lived on just one of those planes of existence. She exists to understand her internal horizon of transcendence; she creates to share her results. With this project, her conscious and subconscious can finally come together. For her, making music is more important than most, and her approach is almost ancient, treating sound as a guide and a healer. Singing with a voice, she has only just found, into the corners of her understanding, testing the limits of her knowledge of herself. We can hear an artist breaking and reconstructing their identity one layer of noise at a time.