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Thursday, 29 Feb 2024

21:00 - 21:45Mausoleum

As an adaptation of the kinetic object "Torso#1" developed by Kutin, the award-winning performance ROTOЯ accelerates a sound sculpture to such an extent that it appears to dissolve as a hologram. The multimedia performance by artists, researchers and inventors Peter Kutin (concept, composition, live electronics), Patrik Lechner (live video projection) and Mathias Lenz (mechatronics) is as magical as it is challenging. While Kutin transforms the acoustic sounds of the rotating sculpture into a partly threatening, partly irritatingly beautiful composition, Patrik Lechner works with video mapping. The live presentation is an experience, a multi-sensory stimulating game between the audible and the visible and the elementary categories of our perception: movement, space and time.