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The Brian Jonestown Massacre (us)

Sunday, 17 Jul 2022

21:00 - 23:00Orpheum

The Brian Jonestown Massacre is considered one of the most famous psychedelic rock bands in the world. The only permanent member of the cult band founded in San Francisco in the 1990s is the eccentric songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anton Newcombe. More than forty members have already participated in the cult formation, which explains the band's ever-slightly different sound. The media call their music "stoned psychedelia" and "narcotised dream-rock", in fact their numbers are highly trippy - a mixture of Doors and Velvet Underground, as it were - and infiltrate various elements from genres such as shoegaze, folk and garage rock, from blues and country. The result is an unmistakably hallucinatory, hypnotic, '60s-inspired sound that has influenced dozens of bands.