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Wolf Lehmann (at)

Friday, 01 Mar 2024

20:00 - 23:00Orpheum Extra

Wolfgang Lehmann (formerly Moestl, *1984 in Graz, Austria) is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and visual artist based in Vienna, Austria. Lehmann has received scholarships from SKE for his work as a musician and has been awarded a gold record for his work as a producer. His music has been published and performed in North America and Europe. As a producer and composer, Lehmann is a sought-after collaborator for a variety of musicians and genres. He has recorded and produced with Voodoo Juergens "S Klane Gluecksspiel" & "Wie die Nocht noch jung war", Jungstoetter "One Star", Culk "Zerstreuen über euch", Alicia Edelweiss "Dreck", Ein Gespenst "Bei Tageslicht", Sophia Blenda "Die neue Heiterkeit". Lehmann also works with various theater ensembles such as Das Planetenparty Prinzip, Graz/Vienna and film festivals such as the Diagonale, Festival of Austrian Film, Graz. A passionate collaborator, Lehmann has worked with the artists Angela Aux, Mira Mann and Farce. Wolfgang Lehmann has scored films, commercials and visual arts works, including Virtue, analog for OchoReSotto and digital for Preserving Worlds, a documentary travelogue through virtual worlds on MeansTV. Wolfgang is currently composing and performing with various acts. Recently with the experimental noise trio Melt Downer, the ambient/new age ensemble Voyage Futur and with his solo project Wolf Lehmann. As a guitarist, Lehmann is a sought-after studio musician and touring musician for Clara Luzia, among others.