FFF started making music mid 90s, influenced by jungle, breakbeat hardcore and digital hardcore. He released his music on labels like Planet Mu, Kool.Pop, Mindbender, Sprengstoff, Hong Kong Violence, K-produktions, Sonic Beligeranza und Ketacore. His first full length album ...[more]


Based mostly in Cologne, artist, DJ, producer and musician Glitterbug has spent the last decade in countless projects - from his legendary, epic DJ sets (with impeccable 3 turntable mixing skills), composing and producing club and film music, experimental radio play, creating ...[more]


Gross Prophet first broke onto the scene in 2005, producing and performing mostly IDM. All of his releases, and most of his latest live sets are more breakcore and glitchy breaks focussed. A side-project called Errorhythm, a duo with another Brisbane soloist Blackrabbit, was ...[more]


I:gor from Poland produces hardcore, drum'n'bass, raggacore, idm, industrial breakcore and experimental electronics since 1994. I:gor also is the owner of Pandemonium Records and ADHD Recordings. His tracks have been released on many respected labels like Deathchant, Suburban ...[more]


Ikonika began drumming in metal and hardcore bands when she was 11 yet at the same time keeping a love of hip-hop, r`n`b and garage, a strange fusion you can hear in her idiosyncratic, off-beat productions with its unpredictable rhythms and free flowing composition. She started ...[more]