Repariert, was euch kaputt macht!
monochrom's Galashow für Krisenmanagement und risikogesellschaftliche Fragestellungen

Dom im Berg 20.00 Uhr - Mit Gabriele Michalitsch, Pat Mooney, Amy Goodman und dem Elevate-Team - weitere Info zur Eröffnungsgala

Musik und Performances ab ca. 22.00 Uhr - presented by Falter

Micachu & The Shapes live (Rough Trade Records, Accidental / UK)
Byetone live (raster-noton / DE)
Microthol live (Trust / AT)
Ritornell live (Karaoke Kalk, Wald Entertainment / AT)
Dual (AT)

visuals: ]BANDE[ (Yukon, Fnord) & Marv on Tagtool (AT)

Eintritt FREI!

20:00 - 22:30 - Medien & Journalismus: Krise oder Konjunktur?

ab ca. 22:30 Uhr: Musikprogramm presented by Kleine Zeitung

Martyn (3024, Revolve:r / NL)
Jahcoozi live (Bpitch Control, Kitty-Yo / DE)
Philipe (confusion / HR)
Elexx.Ender + Henry Bootz  (Moonbootz Recordings / AT)

visuals: SitoSun (Mediaapparat, KWAN / AT)

Eintritt FREI!

presented by FM4

Kode9 & The Spaceape live (Hyperdub, Soul Jazz / UK)
King Midas Sound live (Hyperdub, Soul Jazz / UK)
Darkstar live (Hyperdub, Soul Jazz / UK)
Cooly G (Hyperdub / UK)
Ikonika (Hyperdub, Soul Jazz / UK)
The Clonious live (affine Records, Ubiquity Records / AT)
Simon/Off (Surface Tension, Boombap / AT)

visuals: .mrt (refect, B.S.E. / AT)

Dave Aju live (Circus Company / US)
Ray Okpara (Oslo, Cécille Records / DE)
Channel-f  live (tjumy records / AT)
Redstar (houseverbot, Pirates on Decks / AT)

KK Null live (Neurot Records, Touch / JP)
Damo Suzuki´s Network live (Damo´s Network / JP)
Next Life live (Cock Rock Disco, Fysisk Format / NO)
DJ Scotch Egg live (Load Rec., Wrong Music / JP)
Reflector live (Rock Is Hell Records, Interstellar / AT)
The Striggles live (Noise Appeal / AT)
Canc (AT)

presented by Vice Magazine

Bitz (houseverbot / AT)
F. Puschmann (houseverbot / AT)

presented by Makava

Omar S (FXHE Records / US)
Portable aka Bodycode live (Spectral Sounds, Süd Elektronik, Perlon / PT)
Glitterbug live + Ronni Shendar live video (c.sides / DE)
Clara Moto (Infiné / AT)
M.A.R.S. (Heya Hifi / AT)
visuals: woei ( / AT)
            sebo.n (headbobdisplay / DE)

Bass Clef live (Blank Tapes / UK)
L-VIS 1990 (Mad Decent, Night Slugs / UK)
Jackmaster (Numbers, Dress 2 Sweat / UK)
feelipa & El Rakkas (LoDubs, disko404 / AT)
00P (disko404 / AT)

I:GOR live (Pandemonium, Strike / PL)
The Incredible Hexadecibels live (God Rekidz / NZ)
FFF live (Mindbender, Planet-Mu / NL)
Ladyscraper live (Wrong Music, Deathchant / UK)
Christoph Fringeli live (Praxis, Datacide / CH)
Despoilah live (Abused Recordingz, Dramacore / BE)
Gross Prophet live (Fwonk / AU)
Grzek & d.nye live (Free Christian Ringtones / AT)
Dub Coretette (Widerstand / AT)

visuals: Rhythmus 42 (Kabinett-Graz / AT)

presented by Vice Magazine

Markus Lindner (Stadtpark Musik / AT)
A:lex (Stadtpark Musik / AT)

Cluster live (Klangbad, DE / AT)
Seefeel live (Too Pure, Warp Records, Rephlex / UK)
Jon Hopkins live (Domino / UK)
Evangelista live (Constellation / US) (in Kooperation mit chmafu nocords)
Slack Hippy (FM4 / AT)  
Sterling (houseverbot / AT)

visuals: luma.launisch (sound:frame / AT)
             orjo (backlab / AT)

presented by Vice Magazine

Mr. Monkeyshines (Spieltrieb, landlordbeats / AT)
Sebastian Feyerabend
(watschen:klub, a.moebe, landlordbeats / AT)
(a.moebe, landlordbeats / AT)