Baconhead is Ebola and Autobee. They make sci-fi beats to confuse your brain.
A true piece of future bass, digital funk and wonky goodness, taking influence from dubstep, skweee, glitchhop and even hinting at IDM at times, Baconhead's debut ep Soap (released in May 2010) has been receiving a lot of support from Radio 1's Huw Stephens and also featured in a recent mix by Starkey. The Baconhead sound is hard to define, inspired by math-rock and b-movie soundtracks as much as hip hop and dubstep. Whatever it is, it has caught the ear of a lot of folks, including Kid606, King Cannibal, Slugabed and Loops Haunt. They've recently hooked up with Toronto-based rapper Mindbender also, so keep an eye out for forthcoming material from the three of them.

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Label: Acroplane
Array: GB