• 01.10.2010

4youreye was established in the early 1990s and is based on the Rave, Ambient and Club culture of that decade. Since their creation over 10 years ago, 4youreye have not only made a name for themselves in their own country but can also look back... [more]


  • 23.10.2010

Duodroume is the Brazilian audiovisual artist Gabriela Dworecki, extreme electronic music enthusiast and a student of the intersections of cinema and sound. Raised to a soundtrack from her Hungarian roots, the 28 year-old São Paulo native spent... [more]


Incredible Bob
  • 22.10.2010

Incredible Bob or Bob Miloshevic is a Belgrade-based video artist and VJ. Bob works in the field of glitch art by recycling drops, bugs, pixels, scrambles, feedbacks and noises in a structural way. Bob collaborated as a editor on numerous film... [more]


  • 25.10.2010

Oddsac is a feature film collaboration between the band Animal Collective and filmmaker Danny Perez, a dense and surreal layering of audio and visual elements that eschews conventional narrative to create a visceral viewing experience.Oddsac... [more]


  • 22.10.2010

As VJ, Lorenz Kirnbauer a.k.a. orjo is using impressive pd-generated graphic material. In addition to performing at diverse concerts and club nights, Kirnbauer has also made appearances at many renowned festivals, such as Spring, Elevate, Urban... [more]


Project MOE
  • 22.10.2010

MOE (modular screen) is a light and video augmented modular construction, based on a single building element that can form an array of different, adjustable and reusable stage designs for club events and concerts. Dynamic structure that comes... [more]
  • 23.10.2010

Members of the Swiss VJing collective suffix are focusing on creating an optimal visual adaption to the music, as well as on applying aesthetics that fit to the event and its location. Their rich visual repertory ranges from classical... [more]


  • 21.10.2010

To push the heat! VIKKAKE (re)acts right in the middle of the momentum between music performance and the audience: all made up from scratch- VIDEO KAKERU performs on stage jamming with live drawing and live compositing, using abstract forms to... [more]


VJ Pora
  • 23.10.2010

VJ Pora is Nayana Fernández, a visual artist from São Paulo, Brazil. Based in London for around 10 years, Nayana's inspirations come from pre and post colonial Latin American cultures and politics.[more]


Yukon, Fnord & Marv on Tagtool
  • 25.09.2010

In the sense of Common Digits, a bridge is constructed between analogue and digital terrains. With pen and game controller, a fusion of the performative and visual takes place in real-time without hitting copy/paste. Whether in a public space or... [more]