• 01.10.2010

00P is one more DJ ingredient in disko404's spicy collective. His passion? Smoky atmospheres of heavy low-bpm sub bass. Beginning in early 2005, 00P started getting into the sound of dubstep. Since then, he plays it loud wherever possible and... [more]


a thousand fuegos
  • 25.10.2010

a thousand fuego's hymnal lo-fi folk sounds like it could have been recorded in a cathedral, with alienating effects added afterwards. The echoing mantras need some time and therefore Matthias Peyker builds big arcs of suspense – especially in... [more]


  • 23.10.2010

Darren J. Cunningham aka Actress has quickly and justly become one of the most respected names in the UK's new dance music underground. His own label, Werk Discs, has proven itself one of the most formidable and taste‐making UK independents of... [more]


Altered Natives
  • 23.10.2010

Danny has been cooking up beats and productions for a number of years, releasing his first works through the Goya music affiliated People records, Broadcite and London broken beat institution COOPR8. In 2006, Danny joined DeJa Vu Fm and started... [more]


Anna Leiser
  • 23.10.2010

Performing in well-established locations like Flex, Pratersauna and Planetarium on a frequent basis, Anna Leiser is a part of the Vienna's club scene since two years now.Her sets are characterized by a distinctive deepness while clear,... [more]


  • 21.10.2010

Originally starting out as a Shellbeach collective member, Graz-based producer and DJ B.L.O. is a part of the disko404 organization since 2006. In his DJ sets he focuses on the heavier end of bass music, covering everything from hip hop,... [more]


  • 23.10.2010

Baconhead is Ebola and Autobee. They make sci-fi beats to confuse your brain.A true piece of future bass, digital funk and wonky goodness, taking influence from dubstep, skweee, glitchhop and even hinting at IDM at times, Baconhead's debut ep... [more]


  • 21.10.2010

Austrian DJ and producer, Bernstein is a part of the local club scene since 2003. As a resident DJ in the Niesenberger club he shifted his focus from d'n'b and breakbeats to the straight beats, mainly percussive and deep... [more]


  • 02.10.2010

Being a part of the local electronic music scene for nearly a decade now, in recent years Bitz shifted his focus more to the house music elements, soul vocals and funky basslines.Apart from his solo productions, Bitz is also arranging... [more]


Captain Pressure
  • 01.10.2010

Party! - that's how easy it is to sum up Captain Pressure's motto. And how does this young Graz-based DJ duo define a party? Tech and electro-house music with a fine amount of tropical vibes, enough to get the crowd carried away.[more]