Chris Corsano

Chris Corsano made a name for himself as an avant-garde drum master equally adept in pop settings, and a master inventor in both; a fantastic drummer who explores the edges - be it blasting noises, wild out folk ragas or fire jazz. An ‘into the void’ musician who is loose-limbed, intense, even melodic, and exposes audiences to sounds and rhythms that defy normality. With an expressive palette made from various prepared drum techniques, including butter knives and kitchen bowls on the drum heads, Chris collaborated with a huge range of artists - Jim O'Rourke, Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, the Dimension X project, Michael Flower, Rangda, Evan Parker, Heather Leigh and Bill Nace among many - and can still pull off mad solo sets. Since 2006, Corsano began a series of adventurous solo recordings, including The Young Cricketer and Blood Pressure which featured no drums at all, only a keyboard and a microphone.
By 2007, his work had attracted the attention of Icelandic avant-popper Björk, whom he joined on 2007's Volta, as well as subsequent tours, his first experience playing the same drum part every night. His collaborations and solo projects continued unabated.

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Label: ESP Disk, Ultra Eczema
Array: US