DJ Spinn

In less than 15 years, DJ Spinn has transformed himself from a fan of Chicago House music to one of the founding fathers of juke / footwork. He has produced countless classic Chicago anthems from the ghetto house era through the present, including Chicken Headz, Bounce And Break Yo Back, Breezy and Girl Bust Down.
Spinn is one of the founding members of the Ghetto Teknitianz, Chicago’s premiere collective of juke producers. Along with fellow member and frequent collaborator DJ Rashad, he is recognized as the godfather of the revolutionary new footwork music—a style which has moved beyond the juke scene to exert its influence on dubstep, tropical / karnival, post-garage, and a range of other UK / European styles. He did remixes for MIA, Dubbel Dutch, DJ Gant-Man, Spoek Mathambo, Girl Unit, and more.

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Label: Ghetto Teknitianz, Sleazetone
Array: US