Tomoroh Hidari

With his background in classical music education and love for extreme and obscure music he discovered in his teenage years, Tomoroh Hidari has gone electronic in the late nineties. He has produced various solo releases as Tomoroh Hidari and his Namelessness Is Legion. He is an engineer / producer and a programmer for Industrial outfit Kreuzweg Ost, producer for Ron Bop follow-up project Müde and newcomers To the Many, as well as a founder of Dystopian Dub Developments. His releases on Isolate Records (US), Record Label Records (US), Digital Vomit (UK) and more are diverse in sound and cater to a wide audience from the glitch or electronica / idm connoisseurs to a dance audience asking for hard breaks.
His live-set is an energetic mix of pushing beats and heavy basses, far out sounds and some eclectic sampling and had people raving in selected cities all over Europe.

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Label: Record Label Records, Isolate Records
Array: AT