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  • 02.10.2010

The spectrum of Re-lay's stylistic influences ranges from dubstep and techno, over 2-step and electronica to glitch-elements and is maybe best described as "clicks and dubs".[more]


Robert Hood
  • 23.10.2010

To factor the influence that Robert Hood has had in modern electronic music is no easy task. For not only was he one of the founding fathers of cult, era-defining Techno imprint / group Underground Resistance, along with Jeff Mills and Mad Mike... [more]


  • 23.10.2010

Rotator brings an intense and energetic mix of chopped up percussion associated to 4/4 hard kick, hoovering basslines contaminated by a furious injection of hardcore and ragga and breakcore mash-up.Hailing from Rennes, France, Rotator is a head... [more]