The Future is Us


The experimental discourse format "Participate!" (a work in progress) invites the public to participate intensively. The discussion is not on a podium as usual, but in the auditorium instead. The panel will be converted to a "window to the outside world": There are live streams to Occupy Wall Street in New York City and to the M15 movement in Madrid. Feedback from around the world will be integrated via social media channels. The real time presentation of the discussion contents by means of a mind map is another important component of the format. The event will not be coordinated by a single moderator but by a team. Many international festival guests will also participate in the discussion.

The point is to gather visions for the future and to discuss strategies that might represent a way out of the current crisis. Raising awareness of existing concepts, initiatives, and applied alternatives is an important part of the event. What can be learned from the past? What might the next practical steps to a better future look like?


Occupy Wall Street  (- / us)

Rafael SMP  (Madrid M15 / es)

Moderation: Daniel Erlacher (AT) & Carolin Wiedemann (DE) & Thomas Waitz (AT)

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19:00 - 21:00
Forum Stadtpark

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