• Politisches Denken im 21. Jhd
    Politisches Denken im 21. Jhd
  • Maximale Reichweite / Totale Kontrolle
    Maximale Reichweite / Totale Kontrolle
  • Wohlstand ohne Wachstum?
    Wohlstand ohne Wachstum?
  • Demokratie neu entwickeln
    Demokratie neu entwickeln
  • Participate!
  • Surviving Progress
    Surviving Progress

To overcome the current crisis a development of forward-looking economic, democratic and communicative approaches and practices is required. The objective of this theme day is to contribute to that.

Infinite economic growth on a finite planet is not possible. Few can, however, imagine an economy that can create prosperity (for all) without growth. The exciting approach "Solidary Post Growth Economy", that will be discussed on this day, is trying to resolve mental blocks and to point out transformation opportunities. The idea of ​​an economy beyond growth could become a perspective for a new systemic horizon after the neo-liberal financial capitalism.

The condition and goal of fundamental transformations is a comprehensive democratization of society. For this purpose, democratic approaches that go beyond representative democracy need to be development and put into practice. In the course of the event "Towards A New Democracy!" several promising concepts and practices will be presented. Afterwards everyone is encouraged to help identifying potentials for further development and synthesis.

In the course of the subsequent event, the current prevailing conflict that modern communication technology users are faced with - data protection or maximum outreach? -, as well as the importance of a decentralized infrastructure that is controlled by users themselves, will be discussed.

In the evening "Participate!", a new experimental discussion format, encourages an open and interactive dialogue with strong audience participation. It's all about the shaping of our future.

Saturday, 27.Oct

Grüne Akademie


09:30-11:30 workshop none none none none Political Thinking in the Transition to the 21st Century

Forum Stadtpark


12:00-13:30 discussion lecture none none none Maximum Outreach / Total Control

14:00-15:30 lecture none none none none Prosperity Without Growth?

16:00-18:00 discussion lecture none none none Towards a New Democracy

19:00-21:00 discussion none none none none Participate!

21:30-23:30 film none none none none Surviving Progress (CA/2011)