Clement Meyer & Tomas More
Clement Meyer & Tomas More

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Clement Meyer is a musican/producer and essential figure of Paris' underground scene. Building a solid reputation of a tastemaker, the man behind the Get The Curse imprint has shaped a distinctive sound of left-field techno which has certainly not gone unnoticed by top industry players and clubbers around the globe. In 2010, Clement established Get The Curse collective which quickly became a touchstone of alternative club music and Clement wasted no time in taking the reins of a residency at Paris' famed Rex Club. Meyer's upcoming EP Modern Primitivism is expected in September 2013 and will surely mark another exciting chapter of his musical career.                                   Tomas More was involved with Danton Eeprom's Fondation Records and the label's infamous Baise-Main parties in London, as well as Fondation Black Thursdays at the Rex Club in Paris, before he joined Get The Curse. The Parisian has generally demonstrated some Gallic production swagger for Correspondent, Kill The DJ and Items & Things since his emergence on a split 12" with Roman Flügel in 2010. With a dark touch that nevertheless allows a pop sensibility of new wave persuasion to shine through his tracks, Tomas confirmed his leading role on the new French scene.


Freitag, 25 Okt

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