Felix Kubin & James Pants
Felix Kubin & James Pants

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What does weird sound like? Maybe just listen to the collaboration between American James Pants and German Felix Kubin. On the face of it, the duo couldn't be further apart. Pants is the Stones Throw-approved junkyard beatmaker, a producer that has found favor with artists like Odd Future's Tyler The Creator. Kubin is self-professed Dadaist with the distinctive bowl haircut and the even more distinctive sci-fi synth pop. Look a bit deeper, though, and the similarities begin to emerge. Dedicated diggers, detritus devotees, the key to their partnership is that they do everything with a straight face – and, naturally, that means what comes out is strange, weird and wonderful. The first fruit of their labor is the Tanzen Blitzen 7-inch for Kubin's Apolkalypso imprint. Expect much more in the future.


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Felix Kubin & James Pants(de/us)
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