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Heifetz was formed by Patrick Wurzwallner (WaikikiStarDestroyer, IZEN, Düzgün Celebi) and Arne Glöckner (SiSiTop - Studio, Familie Geschrey, Lendmaschine) in 2005. The band was started as a typically set up experimental hardcore outfit. Their early affinity towards heavy, often crusty stylings ("Some Songs" 2005) made way for largely improvised experiments with soundscapes allowing the duo to dabble in ambient themes as well as purposeful cacophonies ("Vendetta Luftzirkulation" 2007). Ever since dissolving the conventional structure of the band, Heifetz have been encouraging collaborations and drawing from a plethora of guest musicians who continue to expand the band's scope. The gentle listener will probably be familiar with Heifetz's arbitrary "stop and go" sections as well as their deconstruction of groove ("Ente der Vernichtung" 2008). Amidst work on a new album, the band is currently cooperating with the performance art collective Zweite Liga für Kunst und Kultur, curating monthly performances at Forum Stadtpark.


Mittwoch, 23 Okt

23:00 - 23:30


Schnapsidee Records

Rock Is Hell