Konsul Gnadenwalze
Konsul Gnadenwalze

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Konsul Gnadenwalze is the Linz based alter ego of two gifted musicians. On stage they combine energetic live shows with minimalistic visuals. Aside of the performances they are creating their own elaborate Konsul Gnadenwalze universe. A loveley mixture of pseudo-scientific and poetic references. The Current EP Gnad en Walzae is the soundtrack to this universe – 6 tracks creating some dub-wise broken beat abstractions, beautiful and brutal, organic and mechanized at the same time. Each successive listen reveals new depths, pulling you further into the world of Konsul Gnadenwalze. A wired carousel ride with the ancient question of whether we revolve around our environment, or our environment revolves around us.


Mittwoch, 23 Okt

23:30 - 00:30

Dom Im Berg

Konsul Gnadenwalze(at)