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Mimu Merz is a media artist, writer and vocalist, quite a buzz on social media (due to compulsive texting and pun creation) and quite a nomad in real life. After collaborations and releases with Ritornell (Aquarium Eyes / Karaoke Kalk 2013) and Clara Moto (Polyamour 2010 & Joy Departed 2013 / Infiné), her long awaited bittersweet debut-album Elegies in Thoughtful Neon is finally available. Everything that happens on Elegies happens in a refreshingly casual and unpretentious manner. This 50-minute journey guides the listener through melodies and song fragments intertwined with organic textures and field recordings. Small and innocent sounds stand shoulder to shoulder with infantile brutality. The result is an album that effortlessly meanders between musical poetry and matter-of-factness while managing to maintain an air of suspense and excitement.


Mittwoch, 23 Okt

22:30 - 23:30

Dom Im Berg


Donnerstag, 24 Okt

16:30 - 18:30

Forum Stadtpark Keller


Samstag, 26 Okt

16:00 - 18:00

Public Space

Liska Records