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Émotional is the new alias and project of Aymeric Hainaux - visual artist, beatboxer and performer (a.k.a Dent-de-Lion) - whose work stretches the boundaries of conventional beatboxing technique. After winning the 2006 human beatbox championship in France, Aymeric spent five years on tour, hitchhiking through Europe, Japan, the US and Canada. Over the course of hundreds of live performances, he developed a subtle fusion of voice, breath, movement, tension, heartbeats, and sudden outbursts of sound. Émotional centers around beatboxing while maintaining a delicacy and tension incorporated in melody using two microphones, a cassette player and some bells. Plus Aymeric's versatile body, of course. Rhythmic inspiration comes from booty and drum & bass, which is layered with evolving sonic textures intricately built from a chorus of echoes, voices, cries, harmonica and noise… A drone / dub / booty / scratched mashup that emerges from within and is urgently expressed. No loops, live action only.


Mittwoch, 23 Okt

00:30 - 01:00


Aymeric Hainaux