Special Request / Paul Woolford
Special Request / Paul Woolford

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Special Request is the new rugged alias for house and techno stalwart Paul Woolford. Inspired by the unruly conventions of UK pirate radio stations, this project captures the raw energy and diversity of the illegal airwaves and uses this as a springboard of inspiration for a series of heavyweight productions that span from murky house through darkside techno to chaotic eye-of-the-storm hardcore/jungle tear-outs. The end results are incendiary. The Leeds native is usually known for his techno-based material and has become affiliated with Carl Craig's Planet E label in Detroit and also Scuba's Hotflush imprint. However, this new moniker serves as a channel for a much more physical, rough around the edges sound, fusing the energy of the hardcore and jungle wonder years with modern production techniques and a seriously heavy aesthetic. As the producer put it himself "Special Request is the ruffage, the rowdy younger brother" of his previous Paul Woolford output.


Samstag, 26 Okt

03:30 - 05:00


Special Request / Paul Woolford(uk)