Kathrin Röggla
Kathrin Röggla

The Berlin-based author Kathrin Röggla is considered one of the most controversial and successful German-speaking playwrights. Her numerous plays, essays, experimental audio dramas and prose works all deal with the big issues of our time that can no longer be ignored - environmental disasters, injustice of global distribution, increasing xenophobia, exploitation and dehumanization in the neoliberal system.

Kathrin Röggla writes prose ("wir schlafen nicht", 2004 - english translation "we never sleep", 2009 - and "die alarmbereiten", 2010), essays ("gespensterarbeit, krisenmanagement und weltmarktfiktion", 2009), radio and theater plays ("die unvermeidlichen", 2011, and "nicht hier oder die kunst zurückzukehren", 2011). Numerous journeys have taken her to Eastern Europe, Georgia, Iran, Central Asia, the United States, Yemen and Japan. For her literary works she was awarded the Anton-Wildgans-Preis (2008), the Nestroy 2010 for the best play ("worst case") and the Franz-Hessel-Preis (2010), amongst others.


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