The production and distribution mechanisms of Free Software are increasingly being utilised in the material world: co-production and sharing, as well as the cooperative design, conservation and use of resources, are all being applied to various fields. Applications range from blueprints of machines that are freely accessible online and adaptable to meet local needs and resources, to couch-surfing and food sharing. But it does not end there. People could be actively involved in designing their city; farmers and gardeners could have full control over their seeds thus increasing crop diversity without legal restrictions, which only serve corporate interests. Whether it is people in fab labs producing "almost everything" themselves, or citizens who want to have a say on how Graz' Stadtpark is used – it is always about becoming more independent of market and state. It is about taking your life into your own hands and applying your abilities and skills to shape your own environment, together with others. At the same time, the practices of cooperation and sharing enable us to live well with less dependence on money, leading to more satisfying social relationships than those promoted by the current market-dominated socio-economic environment.

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