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Distrust Everything by Lorem

Artificial intelligence, new technologies, immersive sounds - this year, the Elevate Arts programme focuses on exciting AV installations and puts musical creation into cinematic context with a selected film programme.

Arts Programme

In the Dom im Berg, the 3D installation "77 Million Paintings" by this year's star guest Brian Eno will be on display. The musician, artist and activist will also perform the sound installation "Music for Elevators" on the Schlossberg lift.

Also in the Schlossberg is the futuristic video work "Convers(at)ion" by artist K.ADA.

In the Orpheum Extra, "end times," a composition by Kevin Richard Martin, is made tangible as a hypnotic video in a black box, while the "I Ching" finds its acoustic translation through Zanshin in the Chinese Pavilion.

Finally, Lorem, artist-in-residence of the festival, presents his immersive AV installation "Distrust Everything" in the studio stage of the Graz Opera.

Film Programme

In the Rechbauerkino, the documentary "Sisters with Transistors" sheds light on the pioneers of electronic music, while "The Disintegration Loops" poetically analyzes one of the masterpieces of ambient music.

The AV Commission by the duo Rdeča Raketa and video artists Patrick K. H. and Ivan Marušić Klif will be presented for the first time at Orpheum Extra. Finally, the open-air program at Lesliehof is dedicated to the charismatic composer and filmmaker Jóhann Jóhannsson. His latest work "Last and first Men" will be shown, preceded by a talk with his longtime collaborator Yair Elazar Glotman.

You can find an overview on this year's Elevate Arts programme here >> Programme Overview

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