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We Are Europe: Elevate @ TodaysArt Festival

The Elevate Festival presents an extensive program at this years TodaysArt Festival in The Hague, Netherlands. The festival starts September 21st 2018 and features many interesting artists, musicians, performances and installations. The collaboration is presented as part of the We Are Europe Festival cooperation.

TodaysArt 2018 kicks off with a plethora of stunning A/V shows, a 360° Fulldome and a 72hr club marathon in the very heart of The Hague.

Elevate presents the following artists and events:

Immersive Fulldome 360:
Alba G. Corral + Alex Augier - endO
Woulg + Push 1 stop – Interpolate
Eric Raynaud + Louis-Philippe St-Arnault + Guillaume Bourassa – Entropia
Desaxismundi + Terminal Wolf – Inertia
Nonotak – Versus

Oneothrix Point Never

Immersive Environments (in the Fulldome)

Here is a link to the full program information:


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