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Friday, 15 Jul 2022

21:30 - 22:30 Lesliehof

Founded in Hamburg in 1970, Faust ranks alongside Neu!, Can and Tangerine Dream as the most legendary and storied band from the Krautrock cosmos. As co-founders of this genre, they are known for fulminant, adventurously meandering sound structures that sweep the listener away and carry them off into psychedelic spheres, for magical, sparkling, hypnotic numbers full of sonic intensity and variety. The band is experimental and uncompromising, neither shying away from industrial-noisy parts nor from the use of unruly cut-up collages. But also catchy, obscure songs can be found in their versatile repertoire.  At the Elevate Festival, the formation invites the audience to drift off in a one-and-a-half hour improvised set and also presents some of their most popular numbers from the just re-released album Faust IV.

(c) Juergen D. Ensthaler

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