In an fake issue of the "New York Times", that was produced by themselves and strongly resembles the original paper, the protagonists declare the end of Iraq war. In the same edition, which is filled with only good news, they write that Guantanamo Bay has been closed and that the former president George W. Bush has been accused of high treason. Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonnano are well-known as The Yes Men. In the last few years, the two political activists have often caused furore, as proven by the following example: They told the viewers of BBC World in a live interview that Dow Chemical, the second largest chemical company in the world, wants to assume responsibility for the victims of a devastatingly chemical accident in Bhopal (India). Therefore, they claimed that the company would pay 12 billion dollars. As a result the share values of Dow Chemical crashed. In the documentary The Yes Men Fix The World we can observe The Yes Men-activists offensively criticising capitalism and the powerful. At this year`s Berlinale the directors of the film received the audience award.


(ENG OV. + UT; 87min; Regie: Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno)

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