Elevate - artists

Hella Comet
  • 11.09.2010

Members of Graz' Hella Comet have been honing their skills for a decade now, perfecting their sound even further through their numerous live shows.With its rough, dynamic sound, their debut album Celebrate Your Loss, released on Pumpkin... [more]


Hudson Mohawke
  • 25.10.2010

One of the hottest names in British hip-hop, Hudson Mohawke aka Hud Mo is a producer who is helping define a new era for hip hop and electronic music, making raw, soulful, golden-era hip-hop that is at times reminiscent of a young Prince... [more]


  • 25.10.2010

Id is the solo project of Jakuzi's Attempt's guitarist and singer Markus Steinkellner. He uses guitars, vocals and laptop to create music between broken riffs and beats, dark pop songs and intense soundscapes.[more]


Incredible Bob
  • 22.10.2010

Incredible Bob or Bob Miloshevic is a Belgrade-based video artist and VJ. Bob works in the field of glitch art by recycling drops, bugs, pixels, scrambles, feedbacks and noises in a structural way. Bob collaborated as a editor on numerous film... [more]


Istari Lasterfahrer
  • 23.10.2010

Throwing jungle parties in Hamburg around '94 / '95, it was at the same time that Istari Lasterfahrer started dropping his tunes into bbs systems and the early internet, got big respect worldwide in the early internet community and joined one... [more]