Jarvis Smith
Jarvis Smith

Jarvis Smith chairs the Friends of the Earth Event Gala Committee and heads the People and Environment Achievement (PEA) Awards annualy in the UK. He is also the lead singer for the rock reggae band The Phoenix Rose. Jarvis is nothing short of an environmental guru. „Green Living“ dominates both his personal and professional life. Heavily influenced by the world’s great spiritual leaders, Jarvis has created and marketed an array of leading earth-friendly products and publications, bringing wide-spread awareness to the planet. Jarvis is someone who knows from experience. He once intentionally lived on a rubbish dump for three weeks together with a group of volunteers -, surviving on other people’s discarded rubbish. Recognizing that this was how many people on the planet actually lived and survived, Jarvis was driven to make it his mission to bring this awareness to the public at large. It ultimately inspired him to dedicate his life to environmental change.


Sunday, 27 Oct

Elevate Awards Show

20:00 - 22:00

Dom Im Berg